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  •    Report says 78.5% of immature people would leave Armenia   

    August 12, 2013 – 18:26 AMT

    PanARMENIAN.Net – The UN House, UNFPA and UNHCR in Armenia hosted a corner press discussion dedicated to a 2013 International Youth Day.

    This year’s thesis is “Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward”.

    The speakers, Mr. Garik Hayrapetyan, UNFPA Armenia Assistant representative, and Ms. Anahit Hayrapetyan, UNHCR External Relations Associate, spoke about girl emigration both in a tellurian and Armenian aspect, also touching on issues associated to immature refugees.

    Participants were also greeted by Ms. Kate Pooler, UNHCR Armenia Protection Officer.

    International emigration has turn a critical growth emanate in a complicated world. Over a past few decades, a political, economic, amicable and demographic change in many tools of a universe has wild emigration of people to cities within and opposite countries. At a same time along with emigration from grown to building countries, that has been a common phenomenon, there is a flourishing occurrence of

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/168038/

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  •    Dromedary camels can be source of lethal coronavirus   

    PanARMENIAN.Net – Dromedary camels could be obliged for flitting to humans a lethal Mers coronavirus that emerged final year, a examine suggests, according to BBC News.

    Tests have shown a Mers (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) virus, or one that is really closely related, has been present in a animals, charity a intensity track for a spread.

    But a scientists contend some-more examine is indispensable to endorse a findings.

    The Mers coronavirus initial emerged in a Middle East final year. So far, there have been 94 reliable cases and 46 deaths.

    While there has been justification of a pathogen swelling between humans, many box are suspicion to have been caused by hit with an animal. But until now, scientists have struggled to work out that one.

    To investigate, an general group looked during blood samples taken from stock animals, including camels, sheep, goats and cows, from a series of different

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/167826/

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  •    ICRC: no info on prisoner Armenian infantryman in Azerbaijan yet   

    PanARMENIAN.Net – Representatives of a International Committee of a Red Cross (ICRC) could not accommodate Armenian serviceman Hakob Injighulyan in a Azerbaijani chains yet.

    As a PanARMENIAN.Net contributor was told in a ICRC bureau in Yerevan, there is no information accessible about a infantryman and it’s different either any assembly can be orderly during a Muslim holidays to final compartment Aug 11.

    The employees of a ICRC bureau in Baku requested a Azerbaijani authorities for a assembly with a serf though were deserted since of a holidays. The Armenian side also pronounced they take all required measures for a soonest lapse of a serviceman.

    On a night of Aug 8, Artsakh invulnerability army serviceman Hakob Injighulyan, innate in 1991, when on duty, unsuccessful to find his orientation on a belligerent and crossed into a Azeri-controlled territory.

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/167862/

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  •    Narek Sargsyan allocated as design cabinet chairman   

    August 8, 2013 – 14:09 AMT

    PanARMENIAN.Net – By preference of Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, a former arch designer of Yerevan, Narek Sargsyan, was allocated as authority of a state cabinet of design during a RA government.

    Earlier reports suggested that a military investigated cases of energy abuse by Mr. Sargsyan, what resulted in drop of a collateral city’s informative and chronological monuments.

    Sargsyan served as Yerevan’s arch designer from 1999 to 2004 and afterwards was postulated a post again in 2011.

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/167747/

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  •    Armenian armed army ubiquitous staff arch to keep post for 4 some-more years   

    PanARMENIAN.Net – Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan has sealed a direct on prolongation of bureau tenure for armed army ubiquitous staff arch Yuri Khachaturov for 4 some-more years in correspondence with essay 55.12 of a RA Constitution.

    Colonel General Khachaturov will keep a post compartment May 1, 2017. He has been occupying a position given Apr 15, 2008.

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/167686/

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  •    Armenian army infantryman fatally wounded   

    PanARMENIAN.Net – Armenian army infantryman Manuchar Manucharyan fatally bleeding himself with a AK-47 gun Wednesday, Jul 31, when on avocation on a watchtower.

    Investigation is underway.

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/167123/

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  •    World's initial lab-grown burger to be unveiled   

    PanARMENIAN.Net – The world’s initial lab-grown burger is to be denounced and eaten during a news discussion in London on Monday, Aug 5, BBC News reports.

    Scientists took cells from a cow and, during an hospital in a Netherlands, incited them into strips of flesh that they total to make a patty. Researchers contend a record could be a tolerable approach of assembly what they contend is a flourishing direct for meat.

    Critics contend that eating reduction beef would be an easier approach to tackle likely food shortages.

    The beef was grown in a plan costing £215,000.

    Most institutes operative in this area are perplexing to grow tellurian hankie for transplantation, to reinstate ragged out or infirm muscle, haughtiness cells or cartilage.

    Prof Mark Post of Maastricht University, a scientist behind a burger, wants to use identical techniques to grow flesh and fat for food.

    The burger to be

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/167437/

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  •    EU provides final €5mln installment for VET in Armenia   

    PanARMENIAN.Net – Earlier this month, a European Union supposing a final installment of €5 million in support to vocational preparation and training (VET) in Armenia, as good as a bound installment of €2 million to support childcare reforms underneath a EU food confidence program.

    Both financial tranches are partial of analogous bill support operations, that were concluded respectively in 2009 and 2010.

    The altogether EU assistance to VET in Armenia amounts to €15 million. The pivotal formula of a module are extended governance of VET reforms, growth of practice strategies, as good as softened conditions and potency of VET delivery, heading to softened active practice measures.

    The module has speedy team-work of authorities for a some-more complicated prophesy per VET institutions with updated procedures, curricula and a National Training Fund on a commander basis.

    Moreover, 12 VET colleges, mostly in regions, were modernised with extended infrastructure, equipment, training of

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/167144/

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  •    Armenian serviceman bleeding by Azerbaijani bullet   

    PanARMENIAN.Net – Armenian serviceman Saro Sharyan was bleeding by a shot dismissed from a Azerbaijan in a limit encampment of Nerkin Karmiraghbyur of Tavush province.

    Presently, a serviceman is during sanatorium in Berd town.

    Spokesman for a Armenian Defense Ministry Artsrun Hovhannisyan described his health condition as moderate.

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/167416/

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  •    Ararat: mountain for people with spirit   

    PanARMENIAN.Net – A organisation of Muscovites led by publisher Alexander Khachiyan and distinguished Russian mountaineer Vladimir Shatayev is vacating for Turkey Friday, Aug 2, to stand a biblical Mount Ararat.

    They will also revisit a Holy Cross (Sourp Khach) Church in Akhtamar island, debate by Ani, Kars and Van, creation stops during Urartu outpost and ancient churches.

    “Ararat is a dedicated towering and while descending it we have a time to consider about devout values,” says Khachiyan, who has already climbed Ararat for dual times. “The many critical peculiarity is not being lerned physically though be prepared spiritually. Whether we are a master of sports or a teenager, we should be strong-willed.”

    Before departure, a group, that consists of 10 people, including one woman, was sanctified by Armenian Church of a Holy Resurrection in Moscow.

    “It’s a totally new sense for me,” organisation member Alexey Tolokonin-Sarkissov told a Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/167294/

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