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  •    Russia Tightens Grip as Armenia Moves Closer to Europe   

    Armenian and Russian flags in Gyumri


    From a London School of Economics’ EUROPP Blog

    Like many former Soviet-states, Armenia has recently followed closer family with a EU, most to Russia’s displeasure. Hayk Hovhannisyan looks during Russia’s increasingly punitive position towards Armenia, such as augmenting gas prices and larger arms sales to Armenia’s rival, Azerbaijan. Armenia has been perplexing to travel a excellent line not to exasperate a ‘bear’ to a north, though now, but serve support from a West, the European formation is expected to turn some-more complicated.

    Comments of despondency and snub flooded Armenian amicable media sites after images of a cracked male humiliatingly dressed in a woman’s bathrobe seemed on Russian radio dual weeks ago. It was Khachik Harutyunyan, a 46-year-old Armenian migrant worker, whose lorry had incidentally collided with a train on a dangerous intersection nearby Moscow, murdering 18 and injuring dozens more,

    Article source: http://asbarez.com/112324/russia-tightens-grip-as-armenia-moves-closer-to-europe/

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  •    System of a Down Takes Genocide Affirmation Center Stage   

    14:25, 1 August, 2013

    YEREVAN, AUGUST 1, ARMENPRESS: System of a Down lead thespian Serj Tankian challenged a ability throng during their Jul 29th Hollywood Bowl uncover to suppose a universe in that those who explain to pronounce for a general village remained wordless on a Holocaust – as they do on a Turkish Government’s genocide perpetrated opposite a Armenian, Greek and Assyrian populations from 1915-1923. As Armenian National Committee infromed Armenpress, with Daron Malakian’s soulful riffs of a Armenian ballad “Zepiuri Nman” (Like a Breeze) in a background, Tankian stated: “Imagine if this is a 1940s, and World War II had only started, and America motionless not to enter a fight on a side of BritainImagine if, Americans became allies with Nazi Germany and motionless that we’re going to pull divided a Holocaust, never use a word Holocaust in Government policy. Imagine what a life that would be. Imagine

    Article source: http://armenpress.am/eng/news/727951/system-of-a-down-takes-genocide-affirmation-center-stage.html

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  •    US Intel. Report: All Armenians Demand Lands from Turkey   

    Harut Sassounian


    The recently announced direct for lands from Turkey by a Prosecutor General of Armenia captivated most courtesy from Armenians worldwide and oppressive critique from a Turkish government. While this was a initial time that an Armenian central had lifted this emanate given a country’s autonomy in 1991, a direct itself is not new. Armenians have been seeking a lapse of their ancestral territories from Turkey for decades.

    A trusted 1943 document, declassified by a Central Intelligence Agency, reveals that a US supervision was good wakeful of a Armenian final for approval of a “atrocities” and lapse of Turkish assigned “provinces.”

    The request antiquated Dec 13, 1943, authored by a Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a prototype of a CIA, stated: “All a Armenian press in a United States is active in gripping a Turkish Armenian massacres uninformed in a minds of the readers. Fearful

    Article source: http://asbarez.com/112209/us-intel-report-all-armenians-demand-lands-from-turkey/

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  •    First Tax Haven in Armenia Launched   

    Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan (center) and Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov (right) establish a Russian-Armenian tax-free section in Yerevan

    YEREVAN—Senior Armenian and Russia officials inaugurated over a weekend Armenia’s first-ever tax-free business section that is meant to especially support to high-tech production companies.

    The Free Economic Zone is located in a premises of an wiring plant and a investigate hospital in Yerevan that were handed over to Russia, along with several other Armenian enterprises, a decade ago in remuneration for Yerevan’s $100 million debt to Russia. It will be managed by a Armenian bend of a Russian microelectronics association Sitronics.

    Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan and Russia’s visiting Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov underlined a taxation haven’s significance to their governments by attending a opening ceremony. Sarkisian, who also co-chairs a Russian-Armenian inter-governmental elect on mercantile team-work together with Sokolov, welcomed a “landmark event.”

    The dual officials also hold apart talks in Yerevan

    Article source: http://asbarez.com/112173/first-tax-haven-in-armenia-launched/

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  •    Theater Review: ‘Armenian Improv’ Marks Milestone   

    Shahe Mankerian and Vahe Berberian (Photo by Avo John Kambourian)


    Setting a miracle in a expansion of diasporan theater, Armenian improvisational comedy – or “improv” – noted a attainment final Sunday.

    It arrived, specifically, during a Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, pleasantness of Vahe Berberian and 6 cohorts – Chris Bedian, Sako Berberian, Levon-Shant Demirjian, Shahe Mankerian, Kevo Manoukian, and Paleny Topjian – who claimed a art form for a Armenian language, demonstrating an considerable authority of a rigors and delivering desirous comedy along a way.

    The show, simply patrician “Armenian Improv,” is slated for usually 5 some-more Sunday-night performances (through Aug 25) in a insinuate Whitefire space and is probably certain to be sole out.

    Improv is a hardest form of comedy since it requires performers to create comedy – not only perform it – and to do so in a blink of an eye. It requires

    Article source: http://asbarez.com/112077/theater-review-%E2%80%98armenian-improv%E2%80%99-marks-milestone/

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  •    Body and essence in Armenia   

    17:55, 27 July, 2013

    YEREVAN, JULY 27, ARMENPRESS: Australian traveller Stefan Skorfield reverberated to Armenia in one of his articles. The traveller is dignified by a beauty of a country. Armenpress reports job Australian The West that a essay runs as follows: “In AD301, Armenia became a initial nation to adopt Christianity as a inhabitant religion. Indeed, many consider of it as Christianity’s genuine birthplace. we have only walked by a Etchmiadzin Cathedral in Armenia’s collateral Yerevan, that is a oldest state-built church in a world, assembled between AD301 and AD303 by Saint Gregory a Illuminator. we have listened to a hooded bishops of a Armenian Apostolic Church chanting and watched a true light candles; an aged male with 19 medals and bars of ribbons in speculation before a portrayal of a final supper, a immature child kissing a khatchkar, a forged mill Armenian cross. And,

    Article source: http://armenpress.am/eng/news/727527/body-and-soul-in-armenia.html

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  •    Did a Armenian Writers Conference Walk a Talk?   

    The Writer’s House in Tsaghgatsor


    “Armenian writers who, as a outcome of sour fate, emanate in unfamiliar languages are not foreigners, though true and dedicated ambassadors of their Armenian blood and suggestion in non-Armenian surroundings.”

    – Sarkis Guiragossian, Aztag daily newspaper, 2005

    There are several schools of suspicion about how to act in a unfamiliar country. “When in Rome, do as a Romans do,” is one such advisory.

    But – and I’m unequivocally meditative of Armenia-Diaspora family – what about a self-identifying Roman whose family has been in outcast for several generations? What if this particular mostly visited Rome and participated in a enlightenment with an eye on oneness with a people? And what if Rome was in mercantile and domestic misunderstanding and a people were withdrawal in droves? Could one afterwards means to merely “do as a Romans do?”

    Such questions arose in my mind during my new 40-day

    Article source: http://asbarez.com/112047/did-the-armenian-writers-conference-walk-the-talk/

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  •    Bus Fare Hike Suspended; People Win   

    Demonstrators accumulate in front of Yerevan City Hall to criticism a ride hike

    YEREVAN—Following days of indignant protests opposite a City Council’s preference to travel open travel fares by 50 percent, Mayor Taron Margaryan released a matter Thursday night reversing a preference and rolling behind a fares to their strange amount.

    The mayor announced that he has already begun a routine of formulating a task-force of experts and meddlesome people who will closely investigate a preference to travel open travel fares and a encouragement of Yerevan’s open travel system, and until that group’s final report, he halted a execution of a ride hike.

    In his statement, Margaryan argued that given presumption a mayor’s office, one of his categorical goals has been to ascent a ebbing travel complement in Yerevan to safeguard secure ride of all passengers, so justifying his preference to boost a fare.

    Margaryan went on to contend that burdening

    Article source: http://asbarez.com/111970/bus-fare-hike-suspended-people-win/

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  •    This Armenian Life   

    Edward Khechemyan came to Burbank, that borders on Glendale, in 1991 — a same year Armenia left a U.S.S.R. He was 17 then, and of a move, he says simply, “We didn’t like a Communist system.” His father, who left Iran for Armenia — a home of his ancestors — in 1974, was a cook who dreamed of opening a restaurant, and in 1997, he did only that.

    The name of a restaurant, that is on a terminally unhip San Fernando Road right nearby a Burbank border, has altered twice; it is now called Adana. The food-and-travel author David Latt, a crony who has never directed me wrong, listed it as among his favorite restaurants when we was picking his mind final year, and we ate there together final fall. It was so good that I’ve visited Adana on any of my four

    Article source: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/28/magazine/this-armenian-life.html

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  •    Armenian Top Brass Meets in Karabakh   

    Military leaders met in Stepanakert

    STEPANAKERT—Armenia’s tip army generals and other troops officials hold an rare assembly over a weekend in Nagorno-Karabakh, that a Defense Ministry in Yerevan pronounced focused on their ongoing efforts to strengthen a Armenian military.

    The assembly in Stepanakert, chaired by Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian, brought together a heads of several Defense Ministry departments, a care of a Armenian army’s General Staff and all vital detachments as good as a commanders of Karabakh’s Armenia-backed armed forces.

    A method matter quoted Ohanian as emphasizing a “exceptional” venue of a assembly and stressing a need to boost a efficacy of ongoing “processes carried out in a invulnerability system.” He also called for “deepening team-work and sell of knowledge between a armed army of a dual Armenian republics.”

    According to a statement, Ohanian’s opening remarks were followed by a contention of a formula of a Armenian military’s “2013 winter training

    Article source: http://asbarez.com/111889/armenian-top-brass-meets-in-karabakh/

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