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  •    Naked Bike Ride   

    Naked Bike Ride is an environmental transformation (across many countries) to criticism oil dependency and display disadvantage of cyclists. For some-more credentials info to this transformation – review here. Below is a print story of London event, Sat 8 June.

    Article source: http://unzipped.blogspot.com/2013/06/naked-bike-ride-sat-8-june-london.html

    Tags: armenian human rights

  •    Armenia   

    I watch Eurovision for a show, for a costumes, for songs, for a weirdness, ridiculousness, for occasional talent, for a ‘gay factor’, for all a comments exchanged (online or offline), generally on Twitter, for Eurovision parties. But one of my many favourite tools of a Eurovision is a voting proclamation by countries. This is a uncover in itself. No reduction entertaining, than a tangible show.

    This is a best time when we can observe all a nation alliances, people’s preferences, informative ties, politics, and all a pointed or not so changes in relationships.

    Traditionally, as “strategic partners”, Armenia and Russia sell tip marks, a likes of smallest “8”, though some-more like “10” or “12”. Up until recently, this has been a satisfactory thoughtfulness of a conditions on a ground, holding into comment a Soviet bequest and ties, large Armenian Diaspora in Russia, and a change of Russian cocktail enlightenment in Armenia. However…


    Article source: http://unzipped.blogspot.com/2013/05/armenia-russia-eurovision-war.html

    Tags: armenian human rights

  •    Armenia: in need of REVOLUTION   

    This was a finish of #armvote13: a routine that started with a 2008 presidential election, with another call post Feb 2013 election, usually to finally die out on a 5th of May Yerevan election.

    From year to year, from choosing to election: same process, same violations, same sh*t… and same (plus/minus a turn of bizarreness) outcome. Non-ending story of f*-ed Armenian elections.

    I became assured that with stream statute regime in place, no change is probable around election. But it’s not only a matter of a authorities.

    Even accounting for large electoral fraud, a numbers perceived by categorical antithesis parties are so tiny (even compared with prior elections) that should ring an alarm bell and offer them a food for thought. Armenian antithesis could collectively write a bestseller: “How to remove electorate”.

    True, Armenia has altered given 2008. With a use of online amicable networks, and quite Facebook, and some successful offline actions, the

    Article source: http://unzipped.blogspot.com/2013/05/armenia-in-need-of-revolution.html

    Tags: armenian human rights

  •    #Barevolution Faces of Resistance: students strike pics of a day(s)   

    These are Pictures of a Day(s) for me. Faces of flourishing insurgency to Armenia’s statute regime. Faces of #Barevolution [‘Revolution of Hello’ - as a presidential challenger, ex-FM Raffi Hovhannisyan dubbed a transformation for change that is being building given February election]

    They are a comparatively tiny organisation of students. For now. A pointer of reconstruction of long forgotten spirit of students strike and criticism in Armenia. But it’s so liberating to see these students defying a barriers, climbing over a fence, jumping out of a window to join a students strike. It’s liberating.

    Oh, and yes, display a certain gesticulate to a system.

    Article source: http://unzipped.blogspot.com/2013/02/barevolution-faces-of-resistance.html

    Tags: armenian human rights

  •    Armenia: from a many predicted and ‘safe’ choosing to slap in a face for statute regime   

    The outcome was predictable. Incumbent boss won. Well, “officially”. Armenia’s statute regime would never willingly *ok* 2nd turn of choosing as this would be = better for them. Only a rebel of a masses could presumably force such transformation.

    The predictability of Armenian elections is apropos a unpleasant pointer to a border that during times we wonder: because worry following a news if we can simply use element from prior years, duplicate pulp and change a date. From a routine of voting to a outcome and general observers’ (OSCE/ODIHR) verdict. Same old, same old. 

    As shortly as polling stations closed, a formula of regime-sponsored ‘exit poll’ were announced, giving obligatory boss 58%, and Raffi 32%. To remind, exit polls in Armenia are conducted by feign Gallup with a assistance of discredited Armenian Sociological Association. Basically, a double fake.

    The usually reason Armenia authorities started regulating feign Gallup is to yield clarity of

    Article source: http://unzipped.blogspot.com/2013/02/armenia-from-most-predictable-and-safe.html

    Tags: armenian human rights

  •    Putin, St Nicholas (S. Nicola) and Italian city Bari (travel diaries)   

    The steer of feign Louis Vuitton bags and other DIY-like versions of famous brands, like glasses, put on sale right in a center of a streets was surprising.

    When we saw Terranova store, it reminded me of Yerevan.

    You could mark washing unresolved out on a balconies everywhere, even above and around eremite places or symbols.

    But a many surprising was to come across… Putin’s summary trustworthy to a wall of Basilica of Saint Nicholas (Basilica di San Nicola), outward in a square.

    In this message, Putin greets Bari and announces Russia’s present – a statue of St Nicholas (one of a many renouned saints in Russian Orthodox church) [picture on a left] to a city that binds partial of his relics.

    But a steer of St Nicholas government inside a church with a raise of income records underneath his feet was unfortunate even for

    Article source: http://unzipped.blogspot.com/2013/02/putin-st-nicholas-s-nicola-and-italian.html

    Tags: armenian human rights

  •    Armenia: Theatre of absurd called “presidential election” (or shall we contend “assassination”?)   

    On Twitter, we pronounced we was not certain who could have systematic this ‘assassination attempt’ towards one of presidential possibilities Paruyr Hayrikyan though speculations and swindling theories were abound. we could not suppose Armenia authorities would wish to postpone a choosing as no candidate, let alone Hayrikyan, poise any genuine risk to them. PR? Provocation? But why? Framing others?

    These were a doubt outlines we acted in a evident issue of this ‘assassination attempt’. Now these doubt outlines reduced to one: PR.

    The usually chairman who (at slightest initially) gained PR-wise was a ‘victim of assassination’ himself. The usually probable change this might outcome in, if during all: some re-ordering in a fixation of choosing runners-up (No.2, No.3 or No.4).

    And here we are: ‘Victim of assassination’ #Hayrikyan won’t find #armvote13 delay. Of course, he won’t. It’s his ‘star moment’ #Armenia #theatre [one of my latest Twitter updates @unzippedblog]

    Apologies for cynicism, but

    Article source: http://unzipped.blogspot.com/2013/02/armenia-theatre-of-absurd-called.html

    Tags: armenian human rights

  •    ‘Ideal slogan’: Russian art in London   

    Armenia, news, reviews, personal… a approach we see and feel it

    Article source: http://unzipped.blogspot.com/2013/01/ideal-slogan-russian-art-in-london.html

    Tags: armenian human rights

  •    Papier d’Arménie   

    A find from Brussels, interjection to benefaction by a dear crony of mine.

    Papier d’Arménie:
    Papier d’Arménie, or Armenian Paper, is a room deodorizing product sole as booklets of twelve sheets of paper any cut into 3 pieces, that are coated with benzoin resin, a dusty corrupt of styrax trees.
    At a finish of a 19th century, Auguste Ponsot detected that Armenian households would bake Styrax as a incense and disinfectant. M. Ponsot adopted this robe with a assistance of a pharmacist Henri Rivier, whereby benzoin creosote was dissolved in alcohol, afterwards infused onto a blotting paper support. The “alchemy” fundamental in Papier d’Arménie became a outrageous success with a rising significance of hygiene from 1888–1889, and has been usually constructed in Montrouge, France given 1885. (for more: see Wikipedia)

    Article source: http://unzipped.blogspot.com/2012/12/papier-darmenie.html

    Tags: armenian human rights

  •    To do: ‘Persona non grata’ on tellurian rights drift for certain Armenia officials, people and groups   

    Human rights abuses should never be deliberate an inner matter for any country.

    I have already mentioned this in propinquity to new events in Armenia when certain high turn officials upheld and speedy anti-gay violence, and some of ultra-nationalist and neo-nazi groups and people pounded happy accessible venues and events.

    Few of them are indicated in a Homophobia Hall of Shame. Examples: emissary orator of parliament, orator of statute Republican celebration Eduard Sharmazanov; now ex-MP, boss of Armenia Football Federation Ruben Hayrapetyan (nicknamed ‘Nemets Rubo’); MP from ARF Dashnaktsutyun celebration Artsvik Minasyan; ultra-nationalist, neo-nazi groups Hayazn union, Armenian Aryan Union and so on.

    There are some-more people, of course, re other tellurian rights abuses too.

    USA and European embassies should take this emanate really seriously, and people who dedicate tellurian rights abuses (whether alone or as members of groups or organisations) should be blacklisted and denied visa. [As distant as I

    Article source: http://unzipped.blogspot.com/2012/10/to-do-persona-non-grata-on-human-rights.html

    Tags: armenian human rights

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