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Modern Armenia » Armenians shot dead Azerbaijani serviceman


  •    Armenians shot passed Azerbaijani serviceman   

    A 24-year-old aver officer of a Military Unit N of a Azerbaijani Armed Forces, Kainat Abdullayev, was killed as a outcome of a ceasefire defilement by a Armenian armed army on a hit line of Azerbaijani and Armenian army nearby a encampment of Chayli in a Terter segment during 20:45 on Jul 29.

    The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported that a positions of Azerbaijani armed army situated in a Munjuglu encampment in a Tovuz segment were also subjected to a glow of Armenian Armed Forces situated in a encampment of Aygedzor of Armenia’s Berd region.

    Besides, Armenians non-stop glow from a positions situated nearby a Chayli encampment in a Terter segment during a positions of a Azerbaijani army.

    The dispute between a dual South Caucasus countries began in 1988 when Armenia done territorial claims opposite Azerbaijan.

    Armenian armed army have assigned 20 per cent of Azerbaijan given 1992, including a Nagorno-Karabakh segment and 7 surrounding

    Article source: http://www.azernews.az/azerbaijan/57534.html

    Tags: Armenian Army

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