•    OneArmenia: Uniting Armenians for Change   

    At midnight on Jun 30, Yerevan time, an thought was remade from intensity to reality. The cadence of midnight signaled a finish of a voting duration of OneArmenia’s SHIFT initiative, an general crowdsourcing bid that yielded 75 proposals. The universe during vast afterwards chose among them by voting for a best thought to accept a $10,000 extend to be implemented in Armenia.

    Sarkissian with ONEArmenia’s core artistic group during a cliffs of Goris in southeastern Armenia while on plcae for a video fire in April. From left: Anahid Yahjian, Patrick Sarkissian, Narek Khachatryan, Oksana Mirzoyan.

    The SHIFT beginning is a latest plan of OneArmenia, an classification founded in 2012 by Patrick Sarkissian. Sarkissian was innate and lifted in a suburbs of Detroit; Sarkissian’s father is an Armenian from Greece, and his mom is a Greek from Chicago. Sarkissian recalls, “They always pronounced that we was a very

    Article source: http://www.armenianweekly.com/2013/07/03/onearmenia-uniting-armenians-for-change/

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