•    Tbilisi Armenians applaud Ascension of Jesus (PHOTOS)   

    TBILISI. – The ArmenianApostolicOrthodoxHolyChurch on Thursday distinguished a Ascension of Jesus. That day after a morning use during SurbEtchmiadzinChurch in Tbilisi a Divine Liturgy was conducted, during that a priest, conducting a service, a devout shepherd of Surb Etchmiadzin Church Samvel Torosyan in his oration spoke about a holiday.

    The Feast of Holy Ascension, that is accompanied by folk celebrations called Dzhangyulum, continued in a church yard. At a beginning of a “Hayartun” CulturalCenter of a Diocese of a ArmenianApostolicChurch in Georgia, girl pledge Song and Dance Ensemble “Taron” headed by Narine Ghushchyan orderly a celebration.

    Girls and brides flashy with wreaths, immature guys and a lot of believers had collected in a yard of SurbEtchmiadzinChurch. Sacristan of a church Priest Manuk Zeinalyan spoke about a feast and congratulated everybody on a arise of a Feast of Holy Ascension. The folk jubilee began underneath a honeyed sound of a strain “Hambardzoum Yayla”

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