•    French art historian talks Armenian influences   

    French art historian talks Armenian influences

    by Artsvi Bakhchinyan

    Published: Tuesday May 07, 2013

    Sarah Laporte in Armenia in 2012.

    I met this lady with standard French attract final year in Venice, where she was attending a summer march of Armenian denunciation and culture, orderly by Ca’ Foscari university. Her seductiveness toward a Armenian enlightenment is being explained not usually her veteran interests, though also her heritage.

    A. B. – Dear Sarah, let’s start traditionally – initial deliver we greatfully to a readers.

    S. L. – we am a French citizen, married, innate in 1959 in Teheran in a worldly family. In Paris, we finished my Master in English Literature and Civilization associated in sold with European art of a 16th century in a University of Paris VIII. In a early 90′s we left Paris for Brussels since my father got a pursuit in the

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