•    Syrian rebels pierce Assad’s encircle lines in Homs   

    Syrian rebels pennyless by supervision lines to palliate a encircle of their positions in a critical executive city of Homs on Sunday notwithstanding entrance underneath extreme aerial bombardment, antithesis campaigners said, according to Reuters. 

    The communally churned city of Sunni Muslims and Alawites, a minority group that has dominated Syria given a 1960s, has emerged as a critical bridgehead in a two-year-old overthrow opposite President Bashar al-Assad. The carnage has claimed about 70,000 lives so far, according to a United Nations.

    Homs, 140 km (88 miles) north of Damascus in executive Syria, lies on a critical highway connection joining army bases on a Mediterranean coast, home to a vast suit of Assad’s Alawites, and supervision army in a collateral Damascus.

    In a counter-offensive, Sunni rebels punched their approach by supervision lines in a north and west to disencumber a months-long army encircle on their strongholds in a core of a Syria’s third biggest

    Article source: http://www.panorama.am/en/society/2013/03/11/syria-conflict/

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