•    Raffi Hovannisian responds to President Sargsyan’s letter   

    YEREVAN.- Leader of Heritage party, former presidential claimant Raffi Hovannisian on Tuesday responded to a minute perceived from President Serzh Sargsyan.

    In his response, Hovannisian pronounced he appreciates president’s response to his proposals, nonetheless a minute contains some “general wordings, controversial and inequitable arguments.”

    “I echo my eagerness to accommodate with we and plead a inhabitant resolution during any time and in any format in Liberty Square. we am grateful for my health concern. There is no need to worry, we am ideally healthy. we do not need liberation and we can reason a operative assembly for a consequence of new Constitutional Armenia but delay,” he wrote.

    If a boss considers Liberty Square an untimely place for a meeting, Hoannisian is giveaway to contention proposals that were blank in president’s prior response.

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