•    Post WWII Armenian Repatriation: The Visions & Illusions of a Station   

    14:45, Mar 15, 2013

    An talk with Fresno painter Hazel-Takouhie Antaramian

    After WWII and until a fall of a Soviet Union, Armenia resembled a vast watchful room in a station, in that “travellers” would come and go. Others only waited for their time to depart. They were people in hunt of a Homeland, oftentimes not seeing or perceptive a loyal nature. The consistent clashes between a prophesy of a Promised Land and a wanton Soviet system, between a fixations of a border segment of a Russian Empire and alien (essentially Western) culture, forced a travelers to confirm to return, but ever withdrawal a station. During a fifty year period, tens of thousands of families entered and afterwards exited a nation in such fashion. 

    The Antaramians are one such family. The father was innate in a U.S. state of Wisconsin, a mother, in a French city of Lyon, and a daughter, Hazel-Takouhie, in

    Article source: http://hetq.am/eng/news/24481/post-wwii-armenian-repatriation-the-visions-&-illusions-of-the-station.html

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