•    Azerbaijani representatives stirs adult liaison in PACE   

    A liaison involving Azerbaijani nominee Elhan Suleymanov erupted during a assembly of a PACE Monitoring Committee hold in Paris.

    During a contention on a formula of Armenian presidential elections, Suleymanov cruelly criticized both a choosing formula and position of a PACE, a nominee himself told haqqin.az. However, Andreas Herkel who was chairing a meeting, interrupted Suleymanov not permitting him to finish his speech.

    Azerbaijani nominee left a gymnasium as a pointer of criticism opposite a position of a authority of a meeting.  

    Suleymanov also remarkable that a Azerbaijani commission to PACE calls to make a news about a sum violations and rascal to be presented during PACE full event to be hold in Strasbourg this April. However, he did not plead a specific “violations” and “fraud” that he is going to discuss.

    Apparently, it is one of a elements of Azerbaijani debate launched on a eve of their possess presidential election, aiming to

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