•    Armenian antithesis MP calls for some-more clarity in army   

    An Armenian MP dependent with a antithesis Heritage celebration asked a invulnerability apportion during a Wednesday council conference about a government’s stream stairs designed to teach a thought of clarity in a military.

    “It is no secret, and we have seen that a army is mostly used for domestic purposes, as for example, during elections. What guarantees can we give for preventing a army from any division in a country’s domestic life, and what are we all ostensible to do to stretch a army from all this?” Tevan Pohghosyan asked a National Assembly’s doubt and answer session.

    Minister Seyran Ohanyan pronounced that his group has been always committed to, and will keep on strengthening a army-society ties, refraining from special stairs directed during lifting a army’s image.

    Addressing a acknowledgement about a military’s impasse in politics, a apportion stressed a significance of gripping a Armed Forces neutral in domestic processes.

    “The Armed Forces

    Article source: http://www.news.az/articles/armenia/77249

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