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    Hakob Hakobian

    YEREVAN (Combined Sources) — Renowned Armenian painter Hakob Hakobian died on Mar 9 of a heart attack. He was 89.

    Born in Egypt, Hakobian repatriated to Soviet Armenia in 1962, where he after warranted a “People’s artist” title. “A Woman Frying Fish,” “Spring,” “The Village of Malishka” are among his best-known paintings.

    Hakobian was laid to rest on Tuesday, Mar 12. A supervision elect headed by Prime Minister Tigran Sargisian was allocated to classify a artist’s funeral.

    President Serge Sargisian released a minute of upraise on a genocide of Hakobian, who had perceived a pretension of People’s Artist of Armenia. “Hakob Hakobian’s genocide is a vital detriment for Armenia’s artistic life. As a singular artist and model citizen he arrived in his homeland as a obvious artist with a tangible style. He came here to exhibit a new Armenia and cumulative a permanent place in a story of his

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