•    Armenia ranking 114th in Democracy Index 2012   

    Armenia is ranks 114th in Democracy Index 2012 released by The Economist Intelligence Unit. The news reflects measures state of democracy in 167 states as of Dec 2012.

    All a countries are listed in 5 categories: full democracies, injured democracies, hybrid regimes and peremptory regimes. Armenia, carrying 4.9 score, is named a nation with hybrid regime.

    “In 2012 tellurian democracy was during a delay in a clarity that there was conjunction poignant swell nor retrogression in democracy in that year,” a news says.

    The many approved nation is Norway. Top 10 includes Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Finland and a Netherlands.

    As to informal neighbors, Turkey is listed among hybrid regimes, while Iran and Azerbaijan are named peremptory regimes.  

    Article source: http://news.am/eng/news/145827.html

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