•    Will a REAL John Kerry Please Stand Up!   

    Harut Sassounian


    Some weeks ago, when Sen. John Kerry’s name was initial mentioned as a probable inheritor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we cautioned Armenians not to get overly vehement only since “a good friend” of a Armenian village could assume such an successful post.

    Unfortunately, it did not take prolonged to learn that my difference of counsel were entirely justified. Despite his 30-year-record of support for Armenian issues, Sen. Kerry valid final week, right before presumption his new position, that even such a tighten “friend” could retreat his long-held views, unsatisfactory a Armenian-American community.

    Regrettably, Sen. Kerry incited out to be no opposite than Pres. Obama, Vice President Biden, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As US Senators and presidential candidates, they all done intemperate promises in seeking a subsidy of Armenian-American voters, and totally abandoned them after presumption office.

    While some might disagree that Armenians

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