•    Sarkisian Should Educate Himself About Genocide   

    President Sarkisian during a Malatia-Sebastia debate convene on Tuesday


    At a presidential debate convene in a Malatia-Sebastia district on Tuesday, President Serzh Sarkisian told his voters that Armenia will quarrel for a general approval of a Armenian Genocide.

    It’s what he went on to contend begs a doubt as to either Sarkisian, who is seeking a second tenure in office, entirely comprehends a Armenian Genocide as a tellurian rights and general probity issue.

    According to Armenpress, a boss said: “The difference ‘genocide’ and ‘yeghern’ are a same. By even not pronouncing a word ‘genocide,’ a U.S. President has pronounced everything.” This was a pure anxiety to President Obama’s unchanging use of a word “Medz Yeghern” in a pure and apparent bid to equivocate a scrupulously referencing a Armenian Genocide in his annual Apr 24 statement.

    To supplement insult to damage Sarkisian went on to add: “Perhaps due to our

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