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    14:38, 5 February, 2013

    YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 5, ARMENPRESS: Yervand Zakharyan, authority of a government-affiliated State Committee of Real Estate Cadastre and Helge Onsrud, executive of Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre core for Property Rights and Development sealed a new extend module agreement on Februaray 5. As Armenpress reports 1,750,000 dollar extend is scheduled to be supposing to Armenia in a support of a program.

    In a difference of Yervand Zakharyan Armenia tumble behind European standards as to geodesy and mapping sphere. In his spin Helge Onsrud voiced his thankfulness for auxiliary with such a veteran team. The dilettante welcomed a fact Armenia posses a many complicated IT complement in cadastre sector. The squeeze of products and services will be paid by Norwegian side by a general competitions. The plan will be finished in 2015.

    This is a second partnership between Armenia and Norway. Norway supervision has supposing 1.5 million US dollar extend to Armenia in 2009:

    Article source: http://armenpress.am/eng/news/707245/norway-to-assist-armenias-geodesy-and-mapping-sphere-to-meet-european-standards.html

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