•    Armenian elections should not be life-and-death onslaught – President   

    The choosing debate is in a rather critical ideological struggle, pronounced a President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan during a assembly with electorate in a executive district of Arabkir in Yerevan city this Thursday.

    “And it is good that a debate does not turn a life-and-death struggle,” he said.

    The boss pronounced that a shots that sounded on Jan 31 (attack on a presidential claimant Paruyr Hayrikyan – ed.), could change all that, but, “thanks to God, it did not happen,” and all returned to normal condition.

    Commenting on a opinion of extreme acquiescence of a society, Sargsyan remarkable that it is possibly impractical statements or a disastrous attitude.

    “This is not true. Elections should not be life-and-death struggle, and any claimant contingency clearly understand: winning – is not a categorical purpose of his life, it is not a finish of a world, thus, life does not finish with elections. Well, a fact

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