•    Turkey’s MPs disagree over who massacred Armenians   

    The Turkish council commenced a 2013 sessions with arguments nonetheless again, though this time a brawl referred to who had massacred a Armenians during a spin of a 20th century.  

    During his residence clinging to hatred crime, a parliament’s pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) member Sirri Sakik said: “Your story is a story of massacres. You know really good how during a time we had massacred a forefathers of those that quarrel today,” Radikal daily of Turkey reports.     

    Turkey’s statute Justice and Development Party (AKP) MP Nurettin Canik responded to a Kurdish MP and claimed that massacres, genocides, and acclimatization have never occurred in a story of a Turkish nation.

    In his turn, Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) MP Yusuf Halacoglu—who is good famous for his Armenian-Genocide-denialist studies—addressed a Kurdish MP and said: “There have been no massacres  in Turkey’s history, there have been wars. In this case, tell me honestly, and

    Article source: http://news.am/eng/news/135159.html

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