•    “Towards secure Armenia”: Public admission of fail with bizarre stage-managed election campaign launch   

    “Towards secure Armenia”- this is Armenia’s ruling republican party slogan for presidential campaign. Effectively, this is a very public admission that president failed in ensuring one of his main duties, as per Constitution:

    Article 49 The President of the Republic shall be the guarantor of the independence, territorial integrity and security of the Republic of Armenia. 

    Their campaign launched with a music video where everyone is happy smiling and dancing literally everywhere. It depicts a disturbing picture of nation under drugs. The only dancing part that – unfortunately! – looks believable is dancing in the airport before the plane’s take off. “Towards secure Armenia”? Ha!

    The very threat to the security of Armenia is a current political establishment headed by republican party with formally accepted neo-nazi style ideology. A party whose high level officials, including the spokesman, publicly and unashamedly support terrorism against a group of their own citizens

    Article source: http://unzipped.blogspot.com/2013/01/towards-secure-armenia-public-admission.html

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