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    Garen Yegparian


    No doubt we listened about Azerbaijan’s new hostile pronouncements about “cuisine plagiarism” by Armenia, i.e. we are “stealing” their food.  As if that weren’t enough, Armenians mount indicted of doing all that Azerbaijan ACTUALLY DOES by approach of informative drop (think-khachkars in a Julfa cemetery), changing place names (think-Gandzak apropos Gyanja), and misappropriating inhabitant values (think- a Azerbaijani invented story of Armenia). These people contingency have psychologists drooling over a intensity investigate of a psychological materialisation call projection.

    All that is flattering impertinent for a republic that never existed before a birth of a Soviet Union.  Not usually that, though there was never a approval of a people vital there as a nation.  They were only called Turks or Tatars. So how there could have been a “national” cuisine attributable to these people is unequivocally a mystery.  But, it all fits a settlement of behavior—

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