•    State family between Iran and Azerbaijan can't urge – Armenian analyst   

    YEREVAN. – There are no prospects for alleviation in state family between Iran and Azerbaijan, Iranian Studies dilettante Vardan Voskanyan settled during a press discussion on Saturday.   

    “Although a media disseminate information with honour to Azerbaijan’s anti-Iranian measures, a Azerbaijani celebration avoids plainly saying that it will make a domain accessible in a box of troops operations opposite Iran,” Voskanyan noted.   

    In his words, state family between Iran and Azerbaijan can't urge since Azerbaijan’s actions are geared toward dismembering a Iranian state and adjoining Iranian Azerbaijan to Azerbaijan.

    As for Iranian-Azerbaijani territorial issues, a Iranian Studies dilettante privately pronounced as follows:

    “I don’t consider Iran would take stairs that could outcome in a escalation of tragedy among a adjacent countries. First of all, it is required to take into comment that Iran is underneath an mercantile and a domestic blockade.”

    Article source: http://news.am/eng/news/135593.html

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