•    Russian defeat of a South Caucasus and the emigration policy   

    By a finish of a 18th century, a dramatically stretched Russian Empire was during a rise of a troops victories. Its geopolitical interests and craving for enlargement led to a seductiveness in a South Caucasus. At that time, a segment was underneath a internal governance of Turkic (Azerbaijani) and Georgian rulers underneath a insurance of a Ottoman and Persian Empires. Due to a disagreements, weaknesses and ambitions of a Azerbaijani Khans and Georgian Kings, and a miss of support by a Ottomans and Iranians, Russian commanders were successful in conquering a South Caucasus. Due to a popularity, vicinity and relations palliate of access, a South Caucasus was deliberate an ideal plcae by Russians to settle a vast Armenian community. Despite a conspicuous vital success and advantages to a Russians, this preference lighted a dispute deeply secure in racial differences.

    From a Romans to Arabs, and from a Mongols to Nazi

    Article source: http://www.news.az/articles/politics/74823

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