•    Armenia’s incumbent president: why bother campaigning?   

    Looking at Serj’s campaigning one may wonder why he bothers to campaign at all? The only reason he campaigns is to show the international community that this election is not a farce but rather ‘exemplary’ one. Ironically, with each passing day, he is making more and more mistakes, to put it mildly, damaging further his reputation. Not that this decreases his chances to be elected. With or without people’s votes.

    Today, marking the Army Day, a woman managed to approach the president and started complaining about social hardship she is living in. This has angered Serj. Seriously. He had nothing better to say than get back to the woman and complain arrogantly that with her coming here and crying she is spoiling the holiday. This is more like a քուչի տղա response, rather than president’s.

    Regardless how annoying or inappropriate this woman’s complain may seem to him, this is absolutely not

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