•    Armenian, Azerbaijani delegations to accommodate in PACE   

    Besides a assembly between a heads of Armenian and Azerbaijani delegations to PACE, it is also designed to classify a assembly between a dual delegations, conduct of a Armenian commission to PACE David Harutyunyan told a news conference, commenting on a PACE winter session.  

    A trilateral assembly between PACE President Jean-Claude Mignon, conduct of a Armenian commission David Harutyunyan and conduct of a Azerbaijani commission Samed Seyidov took place in a dusk on Jan 22 during PACE.

    “We do not recover information about such meetings: as agreed, any information we recover should be concurrent with a 3 sides,” David Harutyunyan told Panorama.am earlier.

    “We are going to reason a assembly between a dual delegations in a future. Now we are creation preparations for it,” David Harutyunyan told today’s news conference.


    Article source: http://www.panorama.am/en/politics/2013/01/29/pace-meeting/

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