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    11:18, Jan 22, 2013

    The web-site Nayiri.com currently expelled digitized versions of a 4- volume Explanatory Dictionary of Contemporary Armenian (published by a National Academy of Sciences of Armenia in Yerevan between 1969-1980) and a 2-volume New Dictionary of a Armenian Language (published by Donigian copy residence in 1992 in Beirut)Both dictionaries are presented in their entirety and are searchable by headword.

    With about 125,000 headwords, a Academy compendium (Ժամանակակից Հայոց Լեզվի Բացատրական Բառարան) is as nonetheless a many extensive Eastern Armenian compendium created in a reformed Armenian orthography.

    Similarly, a Donigian compendium (Հայոց Լեզուի Նոր Բառարան) is among a many extensive Western Armenian dictionaries, with about 56,000 headwords.

    The plan was done probable by a financial support of a Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Association (www.hamazkayin.com).

    Digitized versions of Stepan Malkhasiants’ Armenian Explanatory Dictionary (1944), Hrachia Ajarian’s Armenian Etymological Dictionary (1926), Edward Aghayan’s Modern Armenian Explanatory Dictionary (1976), and Ashot Sukiasyan’s Armenian Thesaurus (1967) are also accessible on a site.

    Since 2005,

    Article source: http://hetq.am/eng/news/22554/armenian-academys-4-volume-dictionary-and-donigians-2-volume-western-armenian-dictionary-now-online.html

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