•    Ancient Armenia – it’s some-more engaging than we might think…   

    Now, before we hurl your eyes and peep behind to that horribly tedious beginner story category we were forced to take, work with me! I’m a one who has to live with a few cold tough truths on a daily basis: when it comes to history, there is always some-more to learn… and roughly all is some-more engaging than it might primarily seem.

    Take, for example, that a Armenia of currently bears tiny similarity to a Armenia of antiquity. And before a few intricately designed, and smoothly struck Armenian Crusader State coins arrived creatively recovered from a tiny patch of land being privileged for farming, we unequivocally hadn’t suspicion most about a Armenia of antiquity.

    Of course, during this indicate we might be seeking yourself, “Who does?”

    Well, as it turns out, a ancient

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