•    EDITORIAL: When Armenia Turned 21   

    Asbarez Year-End Special Issue

    Armenia incited 21 in 2012. By American standards, branch 21 is a miracle that signifies adulthood. It is during 21 that we strew a adolescence and take batch of a future.

    The events of final year, however, vigilance that a hurdles confronting Armenia, ensuing from missteps and mistakes of a past 21 years, are formidable and need a impasse of each Armenian to overcome a obstacles and safeguard a healthy future.

    The parliamentary elections in May proved, once again, that a authorities are reluctant to disencumber a organisation grip, with that each choosing in Armenia has been manipulated. Oftentimes, it seems that to sojourn in energy is distant some-more vicious that governance and gratification of a country’s citizens. There is no denote that a 2013 presidential elections will chaperon in change that can teach wish in a citizens and rouse a country’s approved standards.

    While some government

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