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  •    Armenian products benefit World Food Ukraine vaunt visitors’ interest   

    Armenian products benefit World Food Ukraine vaunt visitors’ interest

    PanARMENIAN.Net – Kyiv-hosted World Food Ukraine 2012 muster visitors showed good seductiveness in Armenian manufacturers’ booth.

    Armenian counter showcased beverages, confectionery, canned food, dusty fruit, brandy, wine, open and vegetable H2O and fish products.

    As conduct of a Union of Armenians of Ukraine Vilen Shatvoryan told, such events encourage trade and mercantile cooperation.

    The muster was hold from Oct 31-November 2, with Armenian Development Agency (ADA) and Rural Development Foundation organizing Armenia’s participation.

    This year a eventuality brought together about 200 food product manufacturers from 20 countries.

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  •    Suicide automobile bombing reportedly kills 50 Syrian confidence forces   

    Suicide automobile bombing reportedly kills 50 Syrian confidence forces

    PanARMENIAN.Net – A self-murder automobile bombing killed during slightest 50 members of a Syrian confidence army and gunmen constant to President Bashar al-Assad on Monday, Nov 5 in Hama province, a Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, according to Reuters.

    “A warrior from a (al-Qaeda inspired) Nusra Front blew himself adult … in a Hama countryside. At slightest 50 were killed,” pronounced Rami Abdelrahman, a conduct of a observatory.

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  •    Armenia became a member of International Police Association   

    13:48, 5 November, 2012

    YEREVAN, OCTOBER 5, ARMENPRESS: Armenia has turn an associate member of International Police Association(IPA) in a  20 th limit of a organization. The full membership of Armenia will be staid in 2013 Sep in a scheduled limit due to take place in Copenhagen. Grisha Sargsyan, IPA Armenian bend chairman, Police Colonel came onward in a march of press discussion with a reporters on Nov 5, Armenpress reports.

    ”The emanate on team-work with maestro policemen, sell of experience, onslaught opposite general terrorism and other issues have been envisaged in a march of a eventuality launched in Israel” Grisha Sargsyan noted. Hungarian commission also participated in a summit. In a difference of Armenian commission member, Arabkir medical centre Deputy Director Edmon Simonyan only on a really initial day of a convention Hungarian commission publicly apologized to Armenian representatives over   Safarov incident. ”They voiced their bewail any time

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  •    FM, OSCE MG try to move Karabakh talks to constructive vein   

    FM, OSCE MG try to move Karabakh talks to constructive vein

    PanARMENIAN.Net – Armenian Foreign Minister believes bringing a Nagorno Karabakh routine behind to a constructive margin to be a pivotal idea of a assembly with his Azerbaijani reflection and OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs.

    According to Edward Nalbandian, Baku incited down all a proposals by a mediators and thwarted a negotiations, with a Hungarian-Azerbaijani understanding on murderer Ramil Safarov carrying undermined a talks.

    “Meanwhile, Armenia inspected joining to continue a traffic process,” Minister Nalbandian said, adding that a general community’s indignation over Safarov atonement brought about changes in Karabakh talks.

    “Armenia’s and Minsk Group’s goal to keep a negotiations going stays unchanged,” he said.

    Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian met on Oct 28 with a OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs Robert Bradtke, Igor Popov, Jacques Faure and a Personal Representative

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  •    Armenia posts 3% dump in birthrate in January   

    Armenia posts 3% dump in birthrate in Jan - September

    PanARMENIAN.Net – According to a National Statistical Service of Armenia, a civic race totaled 2 mln. 101 thous, with a farming race totaling to 1 mln. 180 thous.

    The normal age of a proprietor race done adult 35,3, 33.5 –for men, and 36,9- for women.

    The series of children innate in Armenia in Jan – Sep 2012 totaled 30 906, disappearing by 3% as compared with a same duration of 2011. The birthrate decreased by 0,4 per thousand to sum 12.6‰.

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  •    Armenian appetite reserve unfit but new nuke energy section – official   

    Armenian appetite reserve unfit but new nuke appetite section – official

    PanARMENIAN.Net – The Chairman of a State Nuclear Safety Regulatory Commitее commented on Azeri final to hindrance Nuclear Power Plant operations in Armenia.

    “Operations of any NPP, even a many complicated one, advise some grade of risk. However, final to hindrance operations, citing a plant’s “age” are unfounded, saying as all reserve terms in a plant’s operations are observed,” Ashot Martirosyan told a news conference.

    The central named construction of a new chief appetite section among Armenia’s priorities, with work to emanate reserve regulations for a new section now in progress, with IAEA and U.S. experts involved.

    “Armenian appetite reserve is unfit but a new appetite unit,” he stressed.

    Martirosyan refrained from fixing specific dates for a launch of construction, however observant that a site, authorized by

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  •    There is no troops resolution to this conflict: James Appathurai   

    16:55, 5 November, 2012

    YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 5, ARMENPRESS: If a concede resolution can be concluded by a authorities on both sides, this would be a extensive boost to Armenia and Azerbaijan as good as a wider region. The NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for a Caucasus and Central Asia James Appathurai spoke about this in a talk with “Armenpress”. Issues per Armenia-NATO reciprocal relations, a appearance of Armenia in peacemaking missions of NATO and a position of NATO on Safarov’s box have been discussed. 

    - Mr. Appathurai, Armenia tries to feature a team-work with NATO in a horizon of few programs. How would we guess a swell of Armenia-NATO shared family in a horizon of Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP)?

    Armenia and NATO have grown glorious family over a past years. Armenia is a indifferent writer to NATO operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo. Officers from a Armenian Armed Forces, but

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