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  •    Experts say Azerbaijan won’t be springboard for attacking Iran   

    Experts say Azerbaijan won’t be springboard for attacking Iran

    PanARMENIAN.Net – Expert in Azerbaijani studies Sargis Asatryan and Iranian studies expert Armen Israelyan said most likely, Azerbaijan will abstain from providing its territory for attacks against Iran.

    Azerbaijan is not so powerful to oppose a retaliatory move by Iran, and realizes that perfectly, the experts said at a press conference on March 31.

    Iranian authorities have repeatedly stated that all those countries that attack them directly or provide their territories for attacking the Islamic Republic, will be considered aggressors by Iran.

    Asatryan said in case of a potential conflict, the West will try its best to involve Azerbaijan but will most likely fail in this.

    “It is worth noting that armament purchased from Israel refers to the naval sphere and cannot be used against Armenia,” expert noted.

    For his part, Israelyan confirmed that Azerbaijan will hardly provide its ground. This will be possible only in case Iran is defeated or loses its defensive capacity, in other words, if it can no longer threaten Azerbaijan. The expert believes Azerbaijan can attempt for such a move only in this case.

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  •    Armenia tops list of thought submitters to World Bank contest   

    April 01, 2012 | 01:09

    Armenia tops a draft of countries that have yielded a many submissions (205) to M2Work microwork competition hold by a World Bank.

    The aim of a competition is to move some-more jobs to people in building countries, as they can contention their ideas of mobile applications.

    The list is surfaced by Armenia followed by India, Pakistan, Kenya and U.S., jury member writes Vili Lehdonvirta wrote on his blog.

    Lehdonvirta stressed that a good infancy of submitters are from building countries.

    Article source: http://news.am/eng/news/99453.html

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  •    Activists to spend night in Mashtots Park   

    Activists to spend night in Mashtots Park March 31, 2012 – 17:44 AMT

    PanARMENIAN.Net – The conditions stays capricious in Mashtots Park. The organisation prepared to idle a boutiques has announced a goal to stay in a park as prolonged as it can idle a stores. The activists pronounced they will spend a night in a park, warning a military that in box a brigade member are arrested, another organisation will come to reinstate them.

    According to rough announcement, a 10-member organisation was set to idle a stores today, Mar 31.

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/101226/

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    In our last two articles we had provided information regarding L.D. Phillips’s research entitled “Diplomatic History: The Turkey-Armenia Protocols”. At the end of his research, under the heading “The Way Forward”, Phillips has put forward some proposals on what could be done for the normalization of Turkey-Armenia relations. As could be seen, these proposals are numerous and concerns many issues. Below we are summarizing and gathering them under certain headings.

    Proposals on Intensifying Civil Society Activities

    At the top of Phillips’s proposals comes the “Track Two” activities (which is his area of specialization); in other words, the activities between the civil society organizations and professional associations of Turkey and Armenia. Phillips finds Track Two activities necessary when there is absence of progress at the intergovernmental level. He complains that there are not enough funds and that the EU should participate in these activities and establish a “Turkey-Armenia Opportunity Fund”. Moreover, he calls on the Swedish International Development Agency, which we believe has funded some activities, to organize a “Track Two Implementation Review Conference”.

    Phillips’s concrete proposals on civil society activities could be summarized as follows.

    1. Civil society organizations should prepare a “Friendship Treaty” enumerating principles of good neighborly relations and collectively identifying areas of common endeavor.

    2. Another proposal for think tanks of both countries is to conduct a public opinion survey on social attitudes of Turks towards Armenians and of Armenians towards Turks and the results of it to be used to inform future Track Two activities, shape public policy and encourage intergovernmental contact.

    Proposals for Economic Cooperation

    1. Restoration of the Ani Bridge across the Akhurian River (Arpaçay) between Turkey and Armenia as a symbol of Armenia’s cultural presence in Modern Turkey or at least opening it for tourism,

    2. Rebuilding of the “Statute of Humanity”, which was dismantled in Kars on grounds that it was unwanted by the population, as “a symbol of Turkish-Armenian reconciliation” with input from Turkish and Armenian artists,

    3. Establishing “Centers of Excellence” in fields such as cancer research in Armenia as a magnet for Turks and other international experts and Armenia relaxing visa processing for Turks who are visiting for academic meetings,

    4. Increasing new charter flights between Van and Yerevan in order to expand people-to-people and commercial contacts and Turkish Airlines opening an office in Yerevan for this purpose,

    5. Ankara opening the border for Armenian tourist buses and allowing pilgrim groups and cultural tours to travel,

    6. Within the framework of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, 200 Armenian trucks have been allowed to travel through Turkey. Thus, Armenian trucks should also be allowed to off-load in Turkey,

    7. Turkey importing electricity from Armenia in order for the economic development of its provinces bordering Armenia,

    8. Establishing a “Qualifying Industrial Zone” in the Armenian region of Kazakh bordering Turkey which consists of an industrial park and a free-trade zone. Qualifying goods would have Access to US markets without tariffs or quotas,

    9. Turkey has a fiber optic cable that extends all the way to Kars. A feasibility study should be conducted on the opportunities of this cable being used in Armenia.

    Proposals on Reviving Intergovernmental Contacts

    1. Phillips puts forth that the conclusion reached in the report of the ICTJ, which we mentioned in our first article (Turkey will not pay compensation or give territory if it recognizes the genocide allegations), should be used as a road map in intergovernmental contacts and rapprochement between the two countries.

    2. Another important proposal is for Turkey and Armenia to recognize and open the existing border. For this, diplomatic notes reaffirming commitments in the 1921 Treaties of Moscow and Kars should be exchanged. Therefore, the free transit of commodities will also be guaranteed. An exchange of diplomatic notes does not require parliamentary authorization.

    3. Inspired from Armenia’s assistance during the Van Earthquake, Turkish-Armenian cooperation in the field of emergency preparedness must be achieved,

    4. Turkish citizenship should be offered to the descendants of relocated Armenians.

    5. Taking into consideration that Prime Minister Erdoğan apologized for those who died in Dersim and depending on timing and circumstances, he puts forth that apologizing for the suffering of Armenians may be in Turkey’s national interest.

    6. Before considering a Joint Historical Commission proposed by Turkey, a research committee of Turkish, Armenian and international historians could be established to focus on methodology of archival research.

    7. A joint committee of Turkish and Armenian restoration experts could identify monuments and cultural sites for rehabilitation.

    8. An exhibition which displays the role of Armenians in the Ottoman Army should be opened.

    9. The names of the “Righteous Turks” who sheltered and saved Armenians from relocation should be profiled in the Armenian Genocide Museum in Yerevan.

    10. The Obama Administration should conduct a policy review exploring innovative approaches co-mingling Turkish and Armenian interests. Meanwhile, whether US recognition of the genocide allegations would create conditions for reconciliation should be discussed.

    11. Article 301 of the Turkish Criminal Code should be abolished.

    12. Another one of Phillips’s proposals concerns Azerbaijan. According to this, if Baku shows that it lacks the political will to make progress in the Karabakh issue, the Minsk Group co-chairs should suspend negotiations after announcing Azerbaijan’s obstructionism.

    13. Prime Minister Erdoğan should issue an executive order in the name of humanity to open the Turkey-Armenia border and submit the Protocols for ratification by the Turkish Grand National Assembly. This magnanimity is in accordance with Islamic principles and helps to realize Atatürk’s ideal of “Peace at home, peace abroad”.

    We will express our views concerning these proposals in our next article.

    To be continued.


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  •    PM hails swell in Armenia-EU cooperation   

    PM hails swell in Armenia-EU cooperation

    PanARMENIAN.Net – Notable swell has been available in Armenia-EU cooperation, according to a Armenian Prime Minister said.

    As Tigran Sargsyan pronounced during a assembly of a house of curators of a National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia on Mar 31, a EU released an central domestic matter on launch of negotiations on finalizing a comprehensive giveaway trade agreement, government’s press use reported.

    “Through three-year tough work in a future, EU standards will be introduced to Armenia fostering resolution of a agreement to safeguard poignant swell in a country,” a PM said.

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/101220/

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  •    S-400 missiles to be deployed in Russia’s Far East   

    S-400 missiles to be deployed in Russia’s Far East

    PanARMENIAN.NetS-400 Triumph atmosphere invulnerability barb systems will be deployed in Russia’s Far East before a finish of a year, Far East Air Force and Air Defense Force arch Col. Sergei Dronov pronounced on Friday, Mar 30.

    The Space Defense Forces are now versed with opposite modifications of a Soviet-era S-300 system.

    “We are receiving new S-400 Triumphs this year as partial of a modernization program,” Dronov told Ekho Moskvy radio, RIA Novosti reported.

    He did not contend how many systems will be deployed, though Air Force arch of staff Major General Viktor Bondarev pronounced in mid-March that one S-400 corps was now being deployed during Nakhodka [Russia’s Far East], a second will be formed nearby Moscow, and a third in a Air Force and Air Defense Force

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/101140/

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  •    The Role News and Photos in War   

    Technology is changing a 150-year-old attribute between a fight and a images it produces.

    homs march30 p.jpg

    Relatives weep subsequent to a physique of Waad Abdullah in Homs / Reuters

    cfr far-reaching logo2.jpg


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  •    Armenia’s Syunik governor hampers establishment of opposition headquarter and … – Information   

    March 30, 2012 | 13:53

    GORIS. – Opposition Heritage party MP Zaruhi Postanjyan and party activists were hampered by the Syunik Region police to establish headquarters. Those people who agreed to grant territory for headquarter establishment in Syunik city asked to return the territory back under pressures, Heritage informs Armenian News-NEWS.am.

    “It is obvious that those citizens yielded to the authorities’ pressure. Postanjyan called to the Governor Suren Khachatryan, who is included in the ruling Republican Party of Armenia’s (RPA) election list for clarifications, instead she heard curses.

    The Heritage condemns strictly behavior of the Governor and invites attention of the Central Electoral Committee and law enforcement agents to the aforesaid fact, demanding to be provided with equal conditions for all the political powers,” party’s statement reads.

    Opposition Heritage Party is a liberal party founded in 2002. The leader is the first Armenian Foreign Minister Raffi Hovannisian.

    Heritage and Free Democrats Party are running for the parliament with joint proportional list.  

    The proportional list of the party includes members of extra-parliamentary opposition Free Democrats Party and civil society representatives.

    Heritage has also nominated MP candidates with the majority election system.

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  •    ANC convene is "no propaganda": electoral lists, candidates, slogans…   

    ANC convene is  March 30, 2012 – 21:35 AMT

    PanARMENIAN.Net – Today, Mar 30, 4800 demonstrators collected for Armenian National Congress (ANC) antithesis confederation convene in Yerevan’s Liberty Square. Though a entertainment was hold during a pre-election period, ANC member dubbed it an “information rally, rather than small propaganda.

    This is not propaganda

    The convene was non-stop by a Armenian National Movement house chair Aram Manukyan in contrariety to a prior ones, during that Haykakan Zhamanak journal editor-in-chief Nikol Pashinyan was a initial to residence a public.

    According to him, parliamentary elections have never been exigency for a presidential competition in Armenia.

    He serve remarkable that a republic has now divided into two, one of them station adult for their rights, while a second preferring to

    Article source: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/101138/

    Tags: absence, Aleksanyan, anc member, anc supporters, Aram, armenian, armenian politics, board, board chair, bribery, campaign, casts, certificate, Chair, Chance, chronic disease, Congress, constituency, coordinator, debate, demonstrators, Editor-in-chief, election period, electoral lists, end, excuse, fact, gathering, Haykakan, homeland, impolicy, Information, Irony, isn, Khachatur, Levon, liberty square, magicians, member, national congress, need, newspaper, newspaper editor, nicknames, oligarch, parliamentary elections, party, Petrossian, practice, predecessor, prerequisite, presidential race, propaganda, reason, regime, republican party, RPA, Samvel, Sargsyan, slogan, start, struggle, support, Ter, treatment, turn, unwillingness, vie, vote, voter

  •    Do not cut trees – Armenian Minister (PHOTO)   

    March 30, 2012 | 22:53

    VANADZOR. – Last year a series of bootleg deforestation in Armenia’s Lori segment reached to rare numbers, Armenia’s Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan announced during Lori Regions administration on Friday.

    “This is a really high rate. There is no other segment in a nation where deforestation rates are so high. Serious work contingency be conducted towards that issue,” a apportion said.

    The minster called to consider about a state and not cut trees.

    The minster also sensitive that most deforestation happened when Armenian National Movement celebration was statute and each bid contingency be contributed in sequence to redeem forests.

    He announced that foresters and village heads in Lori Region contingency severely work in sequence to safety a forests.

    Article source: http://news.am/eng/news/99324.html

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